The Path



The Path

(2016-2018 and 2021)
Participatory public-space installation, objetcsi videos, drawings and interdisciplinary events

“The Path” consists of participatory public installations from stair structures which are accompanied by 3 prototypes of the stair structures as the object, 3 channel videos, 2 digital drawings. Besides those elements, it includes cultural and interdisciplinary festival-like event series around the concept of the work. The Path is about my struggle with Istanbul in the period of one year(2014-2015)before Iimmigrated to Berlin. In the work, I am trying to understand and question a clash and a relation between a city and an individual.



The city, as the material form of the hegemony of the regnant ideologies, has been being a playground for progressivism. It has to change fast to accommodate the rapidly changing ideologies and/or economic profits. In this flow, the individual is forced to be a part of the dynamics of the transformation of the city. In this case, the individual has to find a position between her/his/their own existence interdependence with the city and the transformation of the city or face the inevitable self-alienation. The structures are made of prefabricated industrial metal stairs, which are arranged into an endless pathway. The stairs, leading nowhere, have lost their primary function. This labyrinth-like pathway refers to the chaotic endless nature as well as the view of Istanbul. This specific aspect of the city is stuck in my mind. In other words, I want to express what is left of Istanbul in my mind. This structure is an invitation for Berlin citizens to experience Istanbul was formed by my experience. The structure offers no place to stay but just walkways to pass through... The metaphor of the stairs refers to the highway footbridges that I had to often use on the long way from somewhere to somewhere in the year 2014-2015 (in Istanbul). By looking at my experience, I am also trying to understand and question the individual being trapped between his/her everyday life and ideals/goals.


Looking back, I understand and I felt alienated from the city and my life on those footbridges. They occupy a lot of space in my memories. In that one year that I decided to move to Berlin, I understood that I experienced Istanbul while on the way. I realized I remember Istanbul as a path without beginning and end. Also, a path that does not bring you to the destination it promises.


The industrial components of the installation do not show any personal details or traces. I want to avoid visible individual details. Thus I want to express the contradiction of a city and its residents, that it belongs to its residents but cannot be embraced by the residents. On the other hand, in the fractures of these impersonal forms, I try to place the questions and their answers, which are about where I am in the triangle of a city’s urban transformation, political happens and my personal life


The steps and the landings were planned to be the place for the empty beer bottles, chewed gums, forgotten scarfs, heavy discussions and the best solutions


The participatory public installation was realized between 11.09.2021 - 15.10.2021 in Tempelhofer Feld Berlin. Only one of the three structures was realized due to financial reasons. The Park is literally an intercultural place. The field is blowing up the cultural bubbles and lets the different cultures and backgrounds interact. In the public space, the main elements of the structure obtain new functions other than the pre-designed ones. The steps evolve to siting units, the landings evolve to a stage for public forums, amateur concerts, cultural exchange...etc. During the exhibition and the festival program, on the installation, there were 2 concerts, 2 sound performances and one participatory experimental theatre play. Spoken word sound performance of Merey Şenocak and Steve Schofield (image above) Performance of Xueqing Yu(image below) Concert of Ebow (image below) Small information about the festival and the program: (09.09.2021-15.10.2021) The installation, indoor exhibition and events were part of the same interdisciplinary project. The name of the project was again the Path. It problematizes the relationship between metropole and the individual from queer and feminist perspectives. The project, which has been realized in Berlin. The festival-like event series consists of 3 panel discussions, 4 concerts, 2 sound performances,1 performance, 1 participatory theatre play and 3 film screenings. Events have been placed in two different locations: