Illumination Unit
( 1st range ) (2020)



Illumination Unit ( 1st range )



The work is about the practice of information exchange through social and mass media. I invite the audience to observe the " lamp" and trace the light which has been using as the metaphor of the enlightenment/knowledge from past to present. The object is 210 x 50cm and consisted of mixed materials. Due to the concept of the work, the materials are not explained.


I invite the audience, turn the lamp on, look through the hole on the "wall" and nd the source of the information and the menace. With the object, that is stuck in between a construction and a tool/ware, I question the existence of the media as the tool and as the institution. Besides, I think about the hypocrisy of the practices of the mass media


Detail images of the object.

'Illumination Unit' is part of the series of artworks that focuses on the language of the mass media, information pollution and fake news. The series consists of two video performances, 2 installations, 1 collage and an object.