ALİVE (2016-2018)

Site-specific installation includes objects, video and a collage



Site-specific installation includes objects, video and a collage


"Alive” is a site-specific installation that includes objects, a video and a collage.

The work comes from my focus on necrophobia that I experience in the random moments in my daily life. Through my fear, I am questioning the reasons for my artistic production and the willingness of general permanence.

The process of the work was started by a small “mistake”. I was experimenting with the material to mimic the body parts of a human. I tried a lot to stabilize and maintain the specific forms of the combination of panties and wood chips. After all the form was always changing with every little movement and it was never really the same. Furthermore, the objects were slowly demolished by every movement.

That process made me question my focus on the concept of persistency and its effects on my art and life practices. Through that, I grasp the connection between that focus and my necrophobia. Death, as the concept and the fact, is a sharp certainty in our lives. Throughout history, it has been either ignored with distractions or escaped.

I have read my focus, on the persistence in the artwork, as a concept that exists at the intersection of the distraction and the escaping practices. By focusing on my distraction and escaping practices for death, with the work, I embrace my fear and question all those facts and the instability forms.

Thus I decided to observe and document the object, that is made by Wood-chips and panty, in nature and the urban areas. Also, I recorded the demolishment of the object by the moves


The numbers of the object and the material of the pedestals are decided based on the space. For the HVB KunstCUBEs, I plan to use concrete (eigentlich Flexkleber) coated MDF pedestals. I will make my final decision after I research the building. I might use other materials or ready objects such as types of furniture and/or equipment similar to the ones around the exhibition space.



The appearance/form of the objects is changed by every movement and space they are placed. They are affected by their surroundings and that causes a change of no return. Thus we could say the objects experience their surroundings. Thus we could imagine they are alive.



In the video, one of the objects “performs”. The impact of hitting the ground and the gravity on the object can be seen in slow motions. The “performance” goes on until the object got demolished. The video can be shown as projected as on the image. It can be also shown from a screen (preferably from a screen bigger than 34”)




The digital print collage refers to the process of the work. It includes found images, screenshots and photographs of the objects taken by me in urban areas and a forest